Technology infrastructure

During the last years, the AMICI collaboration, established during the AMICI H2020 project supported the use of the existing accelerator and magnet Technology Infrastructure to the benefit of large accelerator facilities in Europe and worldwide. The extremely valuable platforms existing in many laboratories are used in networking R&D activities but also in the frame of service agreements established either between laboratories, projects or with industry.
The AMICI discussions and part of the activities are continued in the framework of the WP13 I.FAST European Project, a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program funded by the European Union. I.FAST aims to enhance innovation in the particle accelerator community, mapping out and facilitating the development of breakthrough technologies common to multiple accelerator platforms. The project involves 49 partners, including 17 companies as co-innovation partners, to explore new alternative accelerator concepts and advanced prototyping of key technologies. These include, among others, new accelerator designs and concepts, advanced superconducting technologies for magnets and cavities, techniques to increase brightness of synchrotron light sources, strategies and technology to improve energy efficiency, and new societal applications of accelerators.

The large accelerator and SC magnet Technology Infrastructure includes several Technological Facilities, located at European research laboratories that are dedicated to the development of accelerator components and superconducting magnets and available to collaborations with industry partners. It entails:

  • sophisticated R&D platforms for key technologies,
  • large-scale facilities for assembly, integration and verification,
  • large concentrations of dedicated, highly-skilled personnel and,
  • long-term relationships between laboratories and industry.

The description of the Technological Facility at each AMICI partner research institute can be found below:

The description of the European accelerator R&D Technological Facility was previously performed in 2013 in the framework of the TIARA (Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area) project.

Posters of the AMICI partners' Technological Facilities are also available on the intranet website (public folder).