Technological Facilities at DESY, DE

DESY is one of the worldwide leading institutes in SRF electron accelerator science and technology. While top-level expertise in specific aspects and components of SRF technology is available at a number of other institutes, most of which are long-term cooperation partner of DESY, the laboratory has the full knowledge and expertise to develop and build high performance cavities, design and supervise the production of complete accelerator modules, take care of the full assembly, perform extensive testing, install many SRF based modules, and operate them for a long time. During the recent years DESY coordinated the construction of the European XFEL Accelerator which is by now the largest superconducting linac worldwide. Future SRF based projects, be it the upgrade of existing facilities like FLASH and European XFEL towards long pulse or continuous wave operation, or the design of injectors for other future facilities require dedicated R&D activities: Fundamental questions concerning the general feasibility e.g. of high-gradient SRF electron guns, and investigations related to limitations in quality factor and to the long time behavior of SRF cavities in operation are to be addressed. Technical development towards fabrication of optimized accelerator components is to be carried out. The still continuing technology transfer to industry and to other research institutes remains important. The unique DESY infrastructure and the competences of well-trained technical groups can be offered within the AMICI program. Partners can profit from dedicated state-of-the-art clean rooms (class 10), cavity treatment (chemical, particle-free high pressure water, dry-ice), assembly facilities for cavities and accelerator modules, and highly developed cold RF testing set-up. In bold, you can see the Technological Infrastructures (TI) present in the laboratory:

  • A. Facilities for beam tests of accelerator components
  • B. Test stations for magnets
  • B1. Test stations for superconducting magnets
  • B2. Test stations for normal conducting magnets
  • B3. Magnetic measurement facilities
  • C. Test stations for High Power RF components
  • C1. Test stations for superconducting cavities
  • C2. Test stations for normal conducting cavities
  • D. Test stations for High Power RF components
  • D1. RF wave guides
  • D2. RF power sources
  • D3. Power transistors
  • D4. High power amplifiers
  • D5. Solid State Power Amplifiers with their combiners and control system
  • E. Platform for characterization, treatments and test of materials
  • E1. Thermal treatment platforms
  • E2. Chemical treatment platforms
  • E3. Facilities for surface analyses
  • E4. Electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and associated material characterization platforms
  • E5. Test stations for mechanical manufacturing and tests (at cryogenic temperatures)
  • F. Platforms for clean assembly, alignment and tests of accelerator components
  • F1. Complete accelerator modules
  • F2. RF power couplers
  • G. Platforms for Manufacturing, treatments and test of Magnet components for accelerator


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