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Technological Facilities at STFC, UK

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) in the UK is a centre of excellence for all aspects of charged particle accelerators, ranging from large scale international and national research facilities through to specialised industrial and medical applications. STFC plays a central role in the UK's accelerator-based national scientific facilities which include the Diamond synchrotron light source and the ISIS neutron source. STFC is also a critical partner in international projects such as the Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) facility under construction in Romania and the European Spallation source (ESS) in Sweden.

STFC’s unique test environment supports research and development in key sub-component technologies including vacuum, magnets and RF, as well as enabling complete accelerator system validation. STFC delivers technological advancements for particle accelerators and beyond through extensive collaborations with international laboratories, academia and industry. STFC also prides itself on the outreach and training work it undertakes to inspire and nurture the next generation of particle accelerator designers and scientists.

The goal of the AMICI H2020 project is to foster innovation in the field of particle accelerators and superconducting magnets and to facilitate industrialisation by creating an open and globally available technology infrastructure for European industry to use. STFC is supporting this goal with its broad range of facilities and associated expertise:


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