RF power couplers

RF coupler test platform


The platform is powered by two 704.4MHz RF lines (one from the CPI klystron and the other from the Thales klystron) and is equipped with an oven for baking the couplers.


704.4MHz high power couplers with their coupling box on the conditioning test bench.

Technical means:

For each line there are:

  • RF: generation of standing and travelling waves, measurement of reflected and incident powers thanks to two bidirectional couplers placed upstream and downstream of the couplers to be tested,
  • Test frame: a Norcan frame to place the couplers, the frame having been developed specifically for the ESS couplers with a mechanical system to easily mount the doorknobs on the couplers,
  • Vacuum: A pumping unit,
  • Possibility to program temperature profiles and to perform a nitrogen scan in the oven.


The 2 conditioning test benches. Each test bench is equipped with a klystron, a pumping group.


CEA - Saclay (France)


For further information please email: AMICI@cea.fr.