Success stories



The AMICI Innovation-related activities aim at transferring the knowledge and know-how of research laboratories to industry and creating new products and new applications of direct benefit to society. For that purpose, Industry will access a pool of technical platforms made available by European Research Institutes such as test beam facilities, cryogenics, magnet and RF facilities and test benches, laboratories for material analysis and vacuum technology, for chemistry and surface characterization, for beam electronics and instrumentation, clean rooms and assembly halls including the equipment and the associated human expertise.



The AMICI Industrialization-related activities aim at keeping European industry at the forefront of the international competition, in terms of technology, quality and costs, in view of the construction of future scientific research instruments, in Europe and elsewhere. This will be achieved by fostering collaboration initiatives and opportunities between Industry and the TI that include: research and development of key technology prototypes, test and verification of industrial products, professional training and apprenticeship, certification studies and training (e.g. vacuum, cleanliness, welding, etc.), harmonization and standardization studies (e.g. cryogenics, material, etc.).