RF power sources

704 MHz RF Platform


The 704 MHz Radio Frequency (RF) platform is equipped with two pulsed klystrons, with peak powers of 1.1 MW (55 kW on average) and 1.5 MW (75 kW on average), with pulse durations ranging from 10 to 3600 µs, a repetition rate ranging from 1 to 50 Hz and a duty cycle of 5%.


Klystron 704 MHz

352 MHz RF Platform


High power tests of RF accelerator components (power couplers, RFQ, warm cavities) can be performed for structures resonating at 352 MHz. The platform is equipped with two CW klystrons and one pulsed klystron. RF signal can be sent to three radiation shielded bunkers.

  • Two CW klystrons TH 2089B Thales (P = 1.3 MW, f = 352 MHz), connected to IPHI RFQ bunker,
  • A pulsed klystron TH2179A Thales (PPeak = 3 MW, f = 352 MHz), providing pulses with duration from T = 10 μs to 3.6 ms at repetition rates from r = 1 to 50 Hz (max P = 240 kW average power).


352 MHz Klystrons in Synergium


CEA - Saclay (France)


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