Thermal treatment platforms

Chemical treatment cabinets

  • Integrated chemical treatment station for elliptical cavities (h ≤ 150 cm).
  • Buffered chemical polishing (BCP) station for 1/4 and 1/2 wave cavities

Technical means:
  • PNF bath: H3PO485% – HNO365% et HF40% in the proportions 2.4 – 1– 1,
  • Acid tank with a capacity of 200 l,
  • Acid circulation from bottom upwards with a maximum flow rate of 30 l/min,
  • Gravity draining,
  • PVDF piping,
  • Station under ventilated fume hood.


Integrated chemical treatment station

Vertical electropolishing cabinet


Chemical and electrochemical treatment of elliptical cavities (maximum cavity height: 1.8 m and maximum mass: 200 kg).
This station allows one to perform chemical or electrochemical polishing of the internal surface of niobium cavities.

Technical means:
  • Power supply: 20 V, 1200 A,
  • Acid flow rate: 40 l / min,
  • 300 l acid tank,
  • Pipe and pumps made of PFA material, teflon coating of the acid tank,
  • Cavities are handled by a crane with specific tooling for each cavity. The station is also equipped with a table for horizontally inserting the cathodes.
  • Use of rotating cathode for uniform material removal (CEA-KEK-Marui collaboration)

Vertical electropolishing cabinet

Diagnostics, Vacuum and Assembly (DIVA)


The laboratory is a clean air-conditioned zone where several working areas are available for mechanical assembly, vacuum leak tests, pumping speed measurement or hydraulic tests for various parts of accelerators, ion sources or beam diagnostics.

Technical means:
  • Outgassing test stand,
  • Oven operating under vacuum, Tmax = 1200 °C,
  • Vacuum chambers,
  • Three marble workbenches,
  • Numerical recording (30 channels),
  • Residual gas analyzer (100 amu).


Outgassing test stand


CEA - Saclay (France)


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