Facilities for beam tests of accelerator components

High Intensity Proton Injector (IPHI)


IPHI features a proton beam with the following characteristics: E ≤ 3 MeV, 1 mA ≤ Ipeak ≤ 100 mA, duty cycle from 1 ms / 1 Hz up to continuous mode. In addition, the facility can be used as a neutron source at low flux (109 – 1010 n/s).
The facility can be used to:

  • develop and test high intensity beam diagnostics or beam devices,
  • perform thermal studies at high power,
  • test beam intercepting targets,
  • irradiate samples with protons or neutrons,
  • optimise neutron moderators or test neutron diagnostics.
IPHI is using a 352 MHz RF platform which also serves two additional vaults to test or condition RF components (RF windows, RF power loops, DTLs, etc.…).



Ion Source Test Bench (BETSI)


The test bench is equipped with an ECR ion source connected to an accelerating column mounted on a compact high voltage platform biased up to 100 kV. A dedicated extraction system allows the production of mono-charged light ion beams (typically Hydrogen ions with 80% H+, 15% H2+ and 5% H3+). The beam is then transported through a dual solenoid beam line in which several ports are available for beam diagnostics or experiment set-ups. The configuration of the beam line could be easily modified for specific experiment.


Permanent magnet source for the production of intense H+ or D+ ion beams


CEA - Saclay (France)


For further information please email: AMICI@cea.fr.