cryo lab

Helium liquefier

The IFJ PAN assures the liquid helium to in-site laboratories. The currently used helium liquefier efficiency is of order of 20 l/hour with LN2 precooling. The LN2 is also available in the institute for research at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The IFJ PAN is under process of purchasing of new helium liquefier to assure the liquid helium for a newly build cryogenic infrastructure.

New experimental infrastructure

The new IFJ PAN infrastructure is under construction . The completion of the experimental hall is foreseen by the end of 2017. The infrastructure will serve for:

  • accelerator physics & technology
  • design and prototyping instruments for neutron physics
  • beam diagnostics
  • design, prototyping and testing of SC magnets
  • superconductors technology

Parameters of the new experimental and research building:

  • 300m2 of experimental hall with 20T crane
  • 1000m2 laboratories and offices
  • large vertical cryostat
  • small mobile research cryostat
  • helium liquefier

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