Chemical treatment platforms

Surface characterization laboratory (LabCaS)


Preparation and surface characterization of samples at room temperature (metallography).


Surface characterization laboratory

MACHAFILM - Thin film deposition laboratory

This platform benefits from a transnational access provided by the EURO-LABS - EUROpean Laboratories for Accelerator Based Science project.

  • Two ALD depository benches.
    • research: small samples, new chemistries
    • development: macroscopic objects
  • Future HIPIMS (High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) deposition bench
  • Thematic: corrosion, superconductors (cavity, QuBits), multipacing reduction (couplers, cavities...), filtration
  • Materials : nitrides, oxides, metals

Technical means:
  • Research:
    • chamber/reactor ΦxL: 50x70 cm,
    • temperature: 30-500°C,
    • 7 precursor lines (3 solids, 2 liquids, 2 gases),
    • Chamber adaptation possible (cavities, QPR).
  • Development
    • high vacuum oven ΦxL: 50x70 cm,
    • temperature: 30-650 °C
    • 8 precursor lines (4 solids, 2 liquids, 2 gases),
    • in-situ: RGA.
  • Other: glove box under N2, fume cupboard, 4-point measurement, optical microscope, 3-zone tube furnace under gas (Ar, N2, O2, N2-H2).


Thin film deposition laboratory


CEA - Saclay (France)


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