DAI team

A team of 60 highly qualified engineers and technicians which were involved or still involved in many European scientific and technological projects.

The Division of Scientific Equipment and Infrastructure Construction (DAI) was established in 2007. Since then, DAI has been involved in various large international projects as well as in those carried out at IFJ PAN. The experience accumulated by DAI and other technical staff of IFJ PAN fall into the following categories:

  • Assembly & installation of the systems: ATLAS, T2K, W7-X, SPIRAL 2, ESS
  • Quality Assurance: LHC, XFEL, ESS
  • Engineering & prototyping of mechanical and electronic/electrical equipment: LHC, T2K, W7-X, CTA, ITER, CCB, HiLumi-LHC, Pierre Auger Observatory SSD
  • Software engineering, LabView programming, web applications development: LHC, XFEL, ESS
  • FEM (ANSYS) calculations: CTA, ITER, W7-X, T2K

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Machine park

Machine park includes mechanical and electronic workshops with a climate chamber. The workshop consists of several lathe, milling and many other CNC machines. The Division of Scientific Equipment and Infrastructure Construction (DAI) has also its own electronic laboratory. It is equipped with: Oscilloscopes, Programmable Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters, Data Acquisition Cards, soldering stations, sets of dedicated tools, and components. Machine park includes also the climate chamber. It is a useful device to provide the constant temperature and humidity for many applications. It has been used for tests of inorganic structures.

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