BML- Magnetic Measurement Bench at IJCLab


This versatile magnetic bench can be utilized for magnetic centring (position and roll angle), field integral strength measurements and integrated multipole measurements for multipole magnets with a radius of 6mm or larger up to 40mm. This bench and bench control has been developed by ESRF magnetic group in Grenoble (G. Le Bec et. al, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 15, 22401, (2012)). A special endeavour has been done by LAL (now IJCLab) to automatize magnetic measurements with TANGO server and JIVE/ASTOR/IGOR PRO applications

Technical means

  • Handing equipment,
  • Power supply and laser tracker (Alignment) are available.

Achievements, related projects

ThomX (IJCLab): dipoles and multipoles measurements after manufacturing, Coxinel (SOLEIL): multipoles measurement before installation in the machine.

Technical steps, expertise

The SWM bench can be used for magnet fiducialization, field strength measurements and higher order multipole measurements. Few methods of measurement are available such as linear field measurements, circular measurements and multipole compensated measurements. The typical repeatability of the main measurements are the following:

  • Magnetic centre position: 2µm
  • Pitch and Yaw angles: 0.1 mrad
  • Roll angle: 0.1 mrad
  • Integrated field: 0.2 G.m

These values are only indicative: it depends on the magnet under test, measurement method, duration of the measurement, etc.


IJCLab - Orsay (France)


This technical platform provides the expertise and manpower to perform the work and training,