European Organization for Nuclear Research

Technological Facilities at CERN, CH

CERN operates and maintains a large number of technological infrastructures aimed at the production and testing of magnets and accelerator components, which are placed in different locations on the two main sites of the Laboratory.

The CERN technological infrastructures can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Facilities for Magnets:
    • Magnetic measurement facilities: Equipment to measure magnets with apertures ranging from 8 mm to 120 mm with capability to test many kinds of magnet with very short lead time owing to the extraordinary variety of instruments and sensors available.
    • Large Magnet and Long Cryostats Assembly Facility (building 180 and 181): fabrication of SC magnets 4-16 meters, equipped with cable insulating machines, winding machines, curing press, collaring press, welding press, alignment systems using laser trackers, pressure and leak test equipment, electrical testing equipment, vertical tower for assembly of magnets using inertia tube till 10 meters of length.
    • Magnet Laboratory (building 927): construction and assembly of SC magnets up to total length of 3 meters (prototypes and special productions).
    • SM18 Superconducting Magnet Test Facility: horizontal and vertical test station allowing to test at cryogenic temperature magnets and special accelerator magnet components up to 13kA in horizontal and up to 20 kA in vertical position of cryostated or non cryostated magnets.
    • Superconductors and Cabling Facility (building 103 and 163): Superconducting cabling machine for the fabrication of Rutherford type cable having a maximum capacity of 40 wires. Test laboratory for characterization and qualification of superconducting materials, wires and cables.
  2. Facilities for Superconducting Cavities:
    • SM18 SC cavities testing area: test of SC cavities at cryogenic temperature.
    • Surface treatment workshop for RF cavities: chemical and electrochemical polishing on Copper and Niobium substrates.
  3. Technological laboratories and facilities for special technological treatments:
    • Coating Facilities (Bldg 181): carbon and NEG coating, thin film laboratory, surface analysis.
    • Cryogenic Laboratory and Tensile Facility: cryogenic testing in the temperature range down to 50 mK.
    • Chemistry laboratory (Bldg 10): chemistry analysis and quality control of baths for surface treatment, of fluids for experiments (detector gases, cooling fluids…) and accelerators.
    • DCCT and Electrical Standards Laboratory: test, evaluate and calibrate current measurement devices for power converters.
    • High precision Coordinate Measuring Machine (micrometers): testing with a volumetric measuring and probing error in the submicrometric range with a very low probing force.
    • Horizontal Vacuum Brazing Furnace: vacuum treatment and vacuum brazing of metal/metal or metal/ceramic components.
    • Large Vacuum Furnace for Vacuum Firing Treatments, and Material Characterization for Vacuum Application Workshop: thermal treatment of UHV components up to 1050°C, characterization of materials for vacuum in terms of outgassing, NEG transmission, and pumping speed.
    • Polymer laboratory: development of use of polymer, selection of glue, development of insulation systems, rapid 3D prototyping.
    • Surface analysis laboratory: control of surface chemical composition as thin films coatings, cleaning for UHV, corrosion investigations and general failure diagnostics.
    • Surface treatment workshop (Buildings 102 and 107): degreasing, pickling, etching and polishing of copper, aluminium and iron based metals. Electroplating of Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold and Rhodium.

Presently most of the CERN technological infrastructures are fully occupied because of the needs of the LHC luminosity upgrade and of other accelerator projects. Access to the infrastructure is possible for external users but has to be agreed on a case-by-case basis giving priority to internal users. For more information please contact at


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For more information, please contact at