Facilitating industrialization

By mid-2019 the AMICI project will have explored and assessed all the means to ensure that European industry:

  • will have a clear information about the strategic science and technology roadmaps for the future accelerator and superconducting magnet-based Research Infrastructures worldwide and therefore they will be in a strong position to compete on the global market,
  • will have a simplified and supported access to the most adequate technical platforms thanks to the stronger and optimized integration model established among the large existing technological facilities,
  • will benefit from the integrated ecosystem that will foster innovation based on cutting-edge tools and developments allowing them to enhance their visibility and competitiveness in new markets,
  • will overcome their technology development barriers and further develop commercial opportunities within the Research Infrastructures and wider societal markets,
  • will profit from the information exchange, definition of harmonized and standardized procedures and access to databases, which should lead to cost reduction in the long term.