Test stations for superconducting cavities

Vertical cryostats for cavity tests


Low power RF characterization tests of superconducting cavities at low temperature down to T = 1.8 K.
Two buried vertical cryostats (CV1 and CV2) shielded against earth magnetic field allow one to measure accelerating gradient and surface resistance of superconducting cavities. They can accommodate R&D single cell cavities up to Φ = 0.45 m diameter and l = 1 m long in CV1, and cavities for accelerator projects (R&D, prototypes and series) up to Φ = 0.7 m diameter and l = 1.9 m long in CV2.


Vertical cryostats CV1 and CV2

Horizontal cryostats for cavity tests


A cylindrical horizontal cryostat (CRYHOLAB) shielded against earth magnetic field allows one to fully characterize superconducting cavities feeded with high power RF (thermal budget, Lorentz force detuning, microphonics, etc). Its dimensions are l = 1.5 m long and Φ = 0.7 m diameter. A satellite of dimension l = 1.7 m long, w = 0.8 m large and h = 0.7 m high can be added in case the cavity does not fit in the cylinder.


Cylindrical cryostat CRYHOLAB with its rectangular satellite

Cryomodule test station


The 6.6 m long cryomodule houses 4 superconducting cavities operating at 2 K, each powered by an RF power coupler transmitting up to 1.1 MW of peak power.
4 types of diagnostics to provide an estimate of the intensity of the beam, a measurement of the position of the center of gravity of the beam, an estimate of the "quality" of the beam in terms of spatial distribution and energy and an estimate of the purity of the particles that compose the beam.


Cryomodule in its casemate


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