Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y Tecnológicas

Technological Facilities at CIEMAT, ES

CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas) is a Public Research Organization bound to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, focused mainly on energy, environment and specific technological fields related. It occupies an intermediate position in the path from the creation of basic knowledge to industrial innovation, so that we seek to serve as a bridge between basic Science and technological applications of social interest.

CIEMAT hosts a number of technology infrastructures, those understood as technology services, software, equipment or facilities upon which the capabilities of Scientific communities and organizations are built. In this document, technology infrastructures related to particle accelerators in CIEMAT are described.
List of facilities:

  • A. Facilities for beam tests of accelerator components
  • B. Test stations for magnets
  • B1. Test stations for superconducting magnets
  • B2. Test stations for normal conducting magnets
  • B3. Magnetic measurement facilities
  • C. Test stations for High Power RF components
  • C1. Test stations for superconducting cavities
  • C2. Test stations for normal conducting cavities
  • D. Test stations for High Power RF components
  • D1. RF wave guides
  • D2. RF power sources
  • D3. Power transistors
  • D4. High power amplifiers
  • D5. Solid State Power Amplifiers with their combiners and control system
  • E. Test stations for mechanical manufacturing and tests (at cryogenic temperatures)
  • F. Platform for characterization, treatments and test of materials
  • F1. Thermal treatment platforms
  • F2. Chemical treatment platforms
  • F3. Facilities for surface analyses
  • F4. Electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and associated material characterization platforms
  • G. Platforms for clean assembly, alignment and tests of accelerator components
  • G1. Complete accelerator modules
  • G2. RF power couplers
  • H. Platforms for Manufacturing, treatments and test of Magnet components for accelerator


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Industrial partners

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If you have further questions regarding our technical platforms, please contact via e-mail with amici@ciemat.es.