PHIL- Photoinjector test bench at IJCLab


PHIL is a test facility (S-band: 3 GHz, warm technology), which can be used for photo-injector characterization; it provides also a low energy electron beam for multi purpose experiment or calibration (diagnostics, detectors...). It is also an ultra-short e- bunch source (150 fs/100 pC).

Technical means

The electron beam characteristics are:

  • Tunable in charge between 10 pC and 1 nC (depending on photo-cathode),
  • Tunable in Energy between 2 and 5 MeV (to be upgraded to 9 MeV soon),
  • Tunable in Pulse duration: 5ns to 100 fs (depending on the laser used),
  • dE/E = 0.2% for 100pC 3 MeV
  • Emittance 5 to 10 mm.mrad
  • F =5 Hz

Achievements, related projects

  • ThomX (test before installation in THOMX of some components and diagnostics),
  • Captdiam (test of diamond sensors at PHIL before there installation at KEK for ATF2 experiments),
  • Leetech: calibration of detectors for partical physics,
  • Drum: generation of ultra-short electron bench (10 to 100 fs),
  • Esculap (use of PHIL's ultra-short electron bench as an input beam for plasma acceleration experiment).

Technical steps, expertise

  • Vacuum setting,
  • Laser beam modularity to adapt the electron bench parameters,
  • Mechanical adjustment in order to prepare the integration of new component,
  • Cabling,
  • Beam dynamics simulations to adapt the beam parameters to the experiment requirement


IJCLab - Orsay (France)


This technical platform provides the expertise and manpower to perform the work and training,


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