The collaboration between European Technological Facilities and Industry has been seminal for the realization of unprecedented scientific endeavors, like the LHC, EU-XFEL, ESS and ITER, that have recently projected Europe to an undisputed position of worldwide leadership. The AMICI H2020 project is charged by the European Commission with the challenging task of building the conditions for consolidating and exploiting such collaboration to strengthen the capabilities of European companies to compete on the global market, not only as qualified suppliers of components for accelerators and big superconductor magnets, but also in the development of innovative applications in advanced sectors such as healthcare and space.


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Technology Infrastructure

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  • 9 07 June 2022

    I FAST launches new fund to support innovation in accelerator technologies

    The fund aims to stimulate innovation in accelerator technologies by supporting projects with a contribution of up to 200 kEUR.

  • 8 14 December 2021

    How can particle accelerators address environmental issues? A 10-day challenge for multidisciplinary teams of young people!

    In summer 2022, the EU-funded I.FAST project will challenge students to find new and innovative societal applications for accelerators.

  • 7 02 November 2021

    I.FAST announces Traineeship Programme at European Accelerator Development Laboratories

    The EU-supported project I.FAST announced a traineeship programme to support knowledge transfer of new component technologies between laboratories and industry . The programme offers the opportunity for an early-career engineer or technician working at a European industrial company to work as trainee at one of the I.FAST European Accelerator Development Laboratories (https://ifast-project.eu/participants) for a duration of 2 weeks to 3 months. The traineeship should put emphasis on knowledge transfer in the development, design and testing of new advanced technological components for frontline accelerator and magnet research infrastructures.

  • 6 23 October 2019

    Status of a European Standard for the protection of helium cryostats against excessive pressure

  • 5 9 October 2019

    PhD and internship opportunities for students in physics

    Construction of particle accelerators and superconducting magnets for research: a domain of European excellence. PhD and internship opportunities for students in physics.

  • 4 28 August 2019

    CEA delivers essential accelerator component to ESS

    ess A key accelerator component has been delivered to ESS as part of France's in-kind contribution. The Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) is the first accelerating structure in ESS's linear accelerator and has been designed, developed and manufactured by BrightnESS² partner CEA at its research institute IRFU. Read more.

  • 3 19 March 2018

    The AMICI working group on innovation is conducting an industry survey

    This survey is open to companies in the accelerator and magnet field. Your participation will be highly valuable:
    ◦ Your answers will help us analyse good practices and barriers to effective engagement of the European Technological Facilities in collaborating with industry for the development of commercial products and services that may benefit the society at large.
    ◦ Your input will be used to define a new sustainable collaboration model and may serve as a basis for collaborative programmes to be supported by the European Commission.
    ◦ You will receive a report detailing the outcomes of the survey.

    How to participate

  • 2 20 September 2017

    First users at European XFEL

    xfel_logo The world largest superconducting linac was built at different sites across 9 countries throughout Europe and beyond. This dispersed manufacturing network included many AMICI partners’ large-scale accelerator Technological Facilities (TF), as detailed.

  • 1 25 July 2017


    CEN The inauguration of a new working group in the European Committee for standardization (cen) took place at the DIN secretariat in BERLIN on July 25, 2017. Within the technical committee CEN/TC 268, the new working group CEN/TC 268/WG 6 is focused on Specific helium technology applications. The working group held the kick-off meeting for working out a European Standard on Helium cryostats – protection against excessive pressure. This activity is linked to the AMICI work package 5.3: Harmonisation – Cryogenic safety procedures. The meeting was attended by 15 experts from 5 countries. The next meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2017.



IPAC20 for Industrial companies

We are delighted to invite your company to participate as an exhibitor to the 11th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC'20) to be held at the Parc des Expositions in Caen, Normandy, France on May 10-15, 2020. Please save the date!


AMICI Third Annual Meeting

The AMICI Third Annual Meeting will take place in Paris-Saclay from 8th to 10th October 2019.


AMICI Second Industry Forum

The AMICI Second Industry Forum will take place in Brussels on 17-18 September 2019.


AMICI Second Annual Meeting

AMICI Second Annual Meeting took place in Salerno (Italy) from 22nd to 24th January 2019.


Big Science: Partner & Industry Day

The Partner and Industry Day was a unique opportunity for people from companies in Europe to convene in order to examine and discuss the opportunities in Big Science Organizations.