Facilities for beam tests of accelerator components

Compact Linac


​The Compact Linac has been developed to investigate the potential for small, low-energy linear accelerators to be utilised in application areas such as security, non-destructive testing and wastewater treatment. ​The highly characterised electron beam can be utilised horizontally, or deflected through 45 degrees for use with liquid samples. ​The system is housed in a fully shielded test facility with client access to a flexible experimental area.

Technical means:
  • Electron beam energy range between 2 MeV and 4 MeV,
  • Pulse widths down to 500 ns,
  • Pulse repetition rates in the range 1 to 400 Hz​.


Compact Linac, STFC Daresbury

Front end test stand (FETS)


FETS ​is a multi-purpose test stand for high power proton accelerator front end technologies.

Technical means:

FETS consists of an H- ion source, magnetic low energy beam transport (LEBT), 324 MHz 4-vane Radio Frequency Quadrupole accelerator (RFQ), medium energy beam transport and chopper line (MEBT) and comprehensive diagnostics.


Front End Test Stand, S​TFC

Versatile electron linear accelerator (VELA)


VELA is a high performance, modular linear accelerator capable of delivering a high quality electron beam to a series of test enclosures. ​This test facility delivers a capability for the cutting edge development and qualification of advanced accelerator systems.

Technical means:
  • Beam energy: ​4.0 – 5.5 MeV,
  • Bunch charge: 10 – 250 pC,
  • Bunch length (s t,rms): 80 – 3 ps,
  • Normalised emittance: 0.1 – 2.0 mm,
  • Beam size (s x,y,rms): 0.1 – 3.5 mm,
  • Energy spread (s e,rms): 0.1 – 5 %,
  • Bunch repetition rate: 1 – 10 Hz.

VELA​, STFC Daresbury​


STFC - Daresbury (United-Kingdom)


For further information please email: AMICI@stfc.ac.uk.