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DESY R&D and service contracts

DESY R&D and service contracts in recent years include:

  • The scanning of almost 9,500 niobium sheets for the LCLS-II project; the work was partly done for FERMI National Laboratory, U.S.A., supplying niobium to Research Instruments as well as Ettore Zanon, and partly for Research Instruments. Jefferson Laboratory, U.S.A., contracted both vendors for the production of LCLS-II cavities.
  • Niobium sheet scanning will also be done for the production of all medium and high beta elliptical cavities needed for the European Spallation Source. The ESS in-kind partners INFN Milano and STFC Daresbury will send the quality checked sheets to their cavity vendors.
  • Support is given to other research infrastructures (mainly within Germany, i.e. HZB Berlin, FZ Dresden/Rossendorf, TU Darmstadt, MESA at Mainz, …). On a case to case basis this support included either/and/or cavity treatment, assembly and test. In some cases the work was done for the research institute, in another for one of the industrial vendors.
  • Part of the LCLS-II cavity contracts included the procurement of RF and cold tested structures. DESY infrastructure was used during a shutdown period of the Jefferson Laboratory cryogenics facility. The above mentioned ESS cavities (medium beta), an INFN in-kind contribution to ESS, will also be tested at DESY. The used Technical Platform is connected with the AMICI program.